About the Cup

2016 was the 50th Anniversary of the first Governor’s Cup regatta. Neither the founders nor BYC members at the time could imagine where the Cup is today. The Club plans to celebrated the milestone in a big way and is on its way for the next fifty years. We’re excited to be celebrating the 51st Governor’s Cup this July.

Why the Governor's Cup Matters

Why does the Governor’s Cup matter?

The easiest answer is “the kids” and that includes not only the competitors but also the young people serving as boat hostesses and hosts, and younger BYC Junior Program members with big dreams.

But to the extent that one of the objectives of the Balboa Yacht Club is to “give back’ to the sport we love, the Governor’s Cup fills that bill “in spades.” It has helped start the careers of many of the world’s most successful sailors. But even more importantly, it has helped develop life-long friendships among the competitors as you saw during the alumni events in 2016.

And, as any of you who have attended a “Gov Cup” can attest, it renews your faith in young people from all over the world. These are engaged, smart and personable competitors who are a credit to their clubs and countries.

For members who volunteer for the Gov Cup, it has its special rewards in helping every year putting on the finest regatta of its type in the world—and the oldest. But it also makes us unique! No other club in recent memory has designed and built a fleet of purpose built boats best suited for their area and we are about to do it again. No other club gets frequent visits from the America’s Cup. And, few clubs can celebrate over fifty years of international regattas like this!

If you ever need a reminder of what’s great about today’s generation of kids, just drop by Balboa Yacht Club during Governor’s Cup week. You’ll see a fantastic group of young
people committed to a sport that’s clean, competitive, tactical and refreshingly friendly. Many go on to reach the pinnacles of the sport. All simply go on to become great human beings.

Staff Commodore Gary Davidson
Commodore Gary Davidson

I just want to be a part of it all. To me, this event is an amazing chance to meet the top youth sailors in the world and learn from them. The sailors are like my big brothers and take the time to talk to me and ask me how my sailing is going. I even got to talk to the winner of the America’s Cup, Jimmy Spithill, on the dock at my own club. How cool is THAT!

Jeffrey Petersen
Jeffrey Petersen

Getting to sail in the Governor’s Cup is a lot
like getting to play in the little league world series or the national championship high school football game. They are all the highest form of competition for their respective young athletes. For sailors, the Governor’s Cup really means America’s Cup for the younger generation. I want nothing more than to bring the cup back to BYC.

Christophe Killian